Rebranding: When and why should you refresh your logo?

As the world changes around us, so does the visual communication of brands. This is a necessary process because, without it, the brand image becomes outdated and loses its primary function: to be appealing. But what are the rules of a brand’s visual identity evolution? Are there any rules at all? We can build a

The Power of Brand Awareness: Your Guide to Winning the Buying Process

Ever wondered why you reach for Coca-Cola instead of a generic cola? Or why you trust Nike sneakers over an unknown brand? It’s all thanks to brand awareness. Let’s dive into why brand awareness is crucial in the buying process and why investing in marketing from the get-go is non-negotiable.

Rebranding: transforming a business identity for success

In the dynamic world of business, sometimes you feel it’s time for a change, something that brings freshness and innovation. This step is called rebranding and it’s a fascinating journey to transforming your business identity. From changing your logo and slogan to major changes in marketing and communication strategy, the rebranding process can be a crucial step in the evolution of a business and in adapting to changes in the market and consumer preferences.

The importance of visual identity for a successful company

In the competitive era of modern business, building and maintaining a cohesive visual identity is an essential element of a company’s long-term success. It is not just about an eye-catching logo or a well-chosen color and font palette but is a vital component of how a company presents itself and differentiates itself from its target audience.

Exploring why we click: The psychology of Online Ads

We’ve been thinking a lot about why people click on online ads, and we’ve come to a few conclusions. Have you ever stopped to think about why we click on some online ads but ignore others? Well, it’s not random at all, it’s all about how our minds work! Let’s take a closer look at

Marketing with heart: How company values shape strategies and customer relationships

Consumers are not just buying products or services, they’re buying into a company’s values and mission. This core understanding sparked the idea behind this article. From environmental sustainability to social responsibility, the values upheld by businesses play an important role in shaping their marketing strategies and fostering meaningful connections with customers. Values-driven marketing goes beyond

What makes a brand good and why do you need one?

Branding can be interpreted from various perspectives, including marketing, sales, or business. Good branding is an art: a complex creation that carries the essence and message of the business. But what makes a brand truly good, and why should you take this process seriously?


As we stand on the threshold of a new year, it’s a time for reflection and forward planning.