About us

Why Creathink? How is it possible for a company to stand out in this day and age of a heavily crowded digital space? There are so many ways and possibilities between different solutions, interests, start-ups, marketing groups, and the way to success is never a clear one. Creathink is a…

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What we do

Although our services are listed individually in the upcoming part, we do tend to mostly opt for a “full marketing service” when it comes to our clients, which may sound peculiar on first glance, but the truth is there are very few marketing tasks which can be resolved on their own and can live independently without the larger context. If there is a chance for it, we like to see and live the big picture, building it together.

Here are the tasks for which we recommend our team’s expertise:

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Strategy and Planning

Content Creation

Social Media

Performance Marketing

Offline Marketing

Public Relations

Newsletter Marketing


Sound Design

Mobile Development

Website Development

How we do it

The most important part of our work is keeping in touch with our clients, in order to maintain a clear image and make decisions together while defining goals and tasks. With this, our team is able to guarantee a fully customized job and special treatment of each and every client. Besides this, our entire workflow is fully transparent to our clients thanks to the usage of different task managers and monthly evaluations which are shared with our partner. One of the biggest strengths of our team is creative content production and campaign planning and for this to work well, there has to be a well-developed personal relationship between the contracting parties. Also we do love to chat, and you are always welcome for a cup of tea!

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