Lights, Camera, Action!

Imagine you woke up on your very first day at your new job and found yourself surrounded by creative mastermind Don Drapers, talented graphic designer Toulouse-Lautrecs, and always-a-winner Chuck Norrises all ready to rock and roll and light up businesses where needed.

Sounds too cool to be true? Well, maybe, but it’s sure as hell what happened to each and every one of CreaThink’s team members: our very own passionate marketing ninjas. We call ourselves ninjas not just because it’s a cool way to describe how great we are; ”ninja” truly is a reasonable description of what we do. We’re killing it when it comes to great ideas, creative designs, engaging content, ad relevance, SEO, branding… should we even go on?

But we’re not your average marketing agency. We’re not embracing a trend or a matter just because everyone else is riding that wave. We’re not that shallow. Instead, we listen, learn, research, analyze, create, test, decide, optimize, convert, and land results. Our work expresses our professional take, beliefs, experience, convictions, and devotement, all in the service of elevating brands to their best potential.

So zbang! Here we are: the 11 pillars of CreaThink Advertising Agency. Or, in other words: We’re the ones you can count on to make your brand a little bit more famous.

Lender Zsolt


Bardosán Sheila

Brand Marketing Coordinator

Márton Kinga

Content Marketing Manager

Molnos Júlia

Project Manager

Benkő Hunor

Digital Marketing Manager

Butiulca Dániel

Graphic Designer

Szöllősi László

SEO Expert

Szakács Botond


Alexandra Soponar

Social media specialist