What we do

Although our services are listed individually in the upcoming part, we do tend to mostly opt for a “full marketing service” when it comes to our clients, which may sound peculiar on first glance, but the truth is there are very few marketing tasks which can be resolved on their own and can live independently without the larger context. If there is a chance for it, we like to see and live the big picture, building it together.

Here are the tasks for which we recommend our team’s expertise:


We analyze, define and monitor the value of the brand and create all the tools you need to further your success.

Strategy and Planning

We define short, medium and long-term goals, finding the best tools which will help us along the way.

Content Creation

Writing and editing multilingual, creative or descriptive content for any type of platform, is one of our team’s outstanding strengths.

Social Media

An essential tool for increasing the value of the brand is the proper participation on social media, using the right content with possibly the appropriate influencer.

Performance Marketing

The cornucopia of measurability. Let’s find the best form of online advertising for your business.

Offline Marketing

We believe in the power of traditional tools and in the fact that these can coexist and align with the fast-paced online interfaces.

Public Relations

Informing the press and the media, selecting the right influencers, managing customer relationships and organizing events are all important parts of a proper communications strategy.

Newsletter Marketing

It is highly important for the right audience to get the right content on the right platform. Let us handle this.


We can help you design the most contemporary and up-to-date appearance for every possible platform with the expertise of four graphic designers.

Sound Design

With eleven years of professional experience and market knowledge, we are able to prepare the perfect audio for your needs.

Mobile Development

We design and develop advanced applications for any device, which benefits your brand.

Website Development

Designing, creating and maintaining websites based on the latest trends.