How we do it

The most important part of our work is keeping in touch with our clients, in order to maintain a clear image and make decisions together while defining goals and tasks. With this, our team is able to guarantee a fully customized job and special treatment of each and every client. Besides this, our entire workflow is fully transparent to our clients thanks to the usage of different task managers and monthly evaluations which are shared with our partner. One of the biggest strengths of our team is creative content production and campaign planning and for this to work well, there has to be a well-developed personal relationship between the contracting parties. Also we do love to chat, and you are always welcome for a cup of tea!

We Love Good Ideas

We strive to build a unique brand- and creative communication with each of our partners, which highlights them in contrast to other players of the market. We love one of a kind type of ideas.

Personalized Work

We pay special attention to all of our clients, as well as create original and customized solutions for them.


We prefer to work in campaign-like processes, with an homogenous, integrated outcome instead of separate solutions.

Personal Contact

We have regular meetings with our clients do determine the exact goals and tools needed for certain projects.

Transparent Workflow

With the help of certain task management programs, our partners can easily track the progress of work.


On a monthly basis, we analyze and evaluate the achievements of the previous month, which we then discuss together.