Why Creathink?

How is it possible for a company to stand out in this day and age of a heavily crowded digital space? There are so many ways and possibilities between different solutions, interests, start-ups, marketing groups, and the way to success is never a clear one. Creathink is a beacon of light in the darkness, offering companies the possibility to see clear and walking the path of growth alongside with them.


A close and direct business relationship with our partners leads to a close and trustful cooperation. Above, we have described what we think of ourselves, here, others will talk about what they think about us.

Lynx Solutions

IT Company


In today’s market, being unique is a difficult task. In the CreaThink team, I am able to see that type of creative potential which can achieve the uniqueness one thrives for. A reliable, confident team with jolly good ideas and quality workmanship.


Pediatric Center


Young people, who are able to use modern communications tools in an astonishing way all while understanding all the ins and outs of them!


Sportswear webshop


A young, dynamic team. They adjust to our needs and their aim is to make our business better. Our success is their success as well.


Univer Romania


Above average communication ability, likable personalities, openness, a broad horizon and spontaneity. Their ideas have a breeziness to them, a natural ease in their scheduled tasks. Regarding their way of thinking, they are able to combine trends, courage, diversity, flexibility but also rationality and a type of reassuring security. Every time we meet, I have the option of choosing between a comfortable, conservative way of thinking or I get the chance to choose a nonconformist, boundary breaker type of idea.

Pro Economica Foundation

AgroMania - AgroExpo


This is the team for whom creativity ia a game and the job runs smoothly.

The Team

Here are some of the enthusiastic members of our team, who will take the best of care of your great ideas.

Zsolt B. Szabó

Marketing Director

Zsolt Lender

CFO / Technical Marketing Director

Melinda Kónya

Business Development Manager

László Fodor

Marketing Specialist

Dana Matic

Content Marketing Specialist

Szabolcs Szántó

Web Specialist